Picture Gallery

             A Roborovski litter (below)                                              Handling a young syrian (below)                   

Merlin the Jird

       one side of our re-decorated hamster room (left) 

Merlin the Shaws Jird (above)


I’d like to introduce my Valentino (right and below).

He’s my new pet ham and is gorgeous!

Here are a few of the photographic attempts for our Christmas card picture (below).....It took a LONG time.... 

        Thankfully Des gave us the pose we were after.

 This is Spud (above) and Gravy (below) our new guineas which were meant to be staying for one night only!

This is Alberto (above) enjoying a play in the sand box for the first time. You can see the scarring.

                               Fabio (below) looking gorgeous! 



 Chester and Fitz are the resident cats that put up with the hamsters running around the house, chasing the cats in their balls.The cats are actually more scared of the hamsters than the hamsters are scared of the cats!! (Fitz top + Chester bottom)




Belladonna Took 


Our old girl Aubrey 

Hamsters enjoying sand box 

Horatio (AKA Harry)

We have fallen in love with this little boy so have decided to keep him instead of putting him up for re-homing. 

Georgie the Robo (below)

Fabio (below)

Queen Felicity

Responding well to taming 

Lou (below) is a quiet boy who enjoys sleeping most of the time. 

Bilbo (below) is becoming very friendly. He now comes to the cage door when called. 

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