Re homing Feedback

Here are some 'snipets'  from just a few of the great email feedbacks we recieve


 “Custard seems to be settling in very well, she is gorgeous!”-Lucy

“Molly has been very well behaved. She enjoys coming out in her
playpen and exploring all of the obstacles we put in her way. She seems
to like her new home too -- she uses her wheel lots, as well as using
her hamster-potty! Thank you very much for letting us adopt Molly, she's part of the family
now :)”-Kim and Andrew

“We decided to rename Thora, Ziggy to suit her cheeky personality. She took a couple of days to settle properly and get used to her new surroundings but now she loves it. She is particularly enjoying burrowing herself in one of the corners in a massive pile of wood shavings and chewing on some homemade toys (it’s amazing what you can do with a bit of paper, scrunched up and weaved together!) Today I spent some time sitting with her in the bath, letting her clamber over me etc which she seemed to enjoy.” -Pippa

“Margo has never bitten or been frightened of any of us and has fitted in a treat. She has a lovely, calm and adventurous nature. We are so pleased with her.”-Bunce Family

“I am so pleased that I can actually put my hand in the cage and not have a dwarf hamster charging at it. Pharoah settled in very quickly and sometimes wakes up in the middle of the day. I am so pleased that Pharoah takes food from our hands. I am still amazed that I can pick him up and stroke him……..I am so pleased with Bobo and Pharoah and I can't wait to get them all out everyday.”-Priya

“Fabio (Mephesto) is handled virtually every day, although is quite shy and would probably prefer to be left by himself. However, we have persevered with the handling. He’s very gentle, never bites and is willing to come out and play if offered a tasty treat!”-Beaven Family

“Hammy has settled in well and is coming on well with the handling. James completely adores him and Hammy handling is the highlight of his day . He is eating well and seems to like his new cage. He has a lovely nature, and has never nipped, even when he had just come to us and must have been a bit scared.”-Anne

“Hercules is absolutely lovely and we have all madly fallen for him! He truly isn't scared of anything and has even had the cat's tale!”-Sandra :-)

“Thank you for letting me adopt Marvel from you. I just wanted to say that he has settled in well. He especially likes the bag of monkey nuts that I have! And he has also fallen asleep in my hat quite a lot, which I am afraid I will have to say is his hat now as he likes it so much.”-Faye

“Ellie seems to have settled in well and looks quite content. She's made herself at home and was straight into the house I got her to sort things out (apparently she didn't want the bedding where I had put it and needed to move things around a bit).
Unfortunately for me I have had two nights of disturbed sleep, I can't help but get up to check she's ok and see what she's up to-ha ha. She makes me feel very guilty asking to be out of her cage, however I don't think 3:00am is the best time for a run-around!
Thank you so much for letting me adopt her, she's an absolute delight.”-Jane

“Nightingale never slows down, even as she is approaching middle age! She is up and about promptly at 6.30pm every day and if we let her she would spend all evening dashing around in her ball or exploring the sofa and surrounds! Bella is soooo sweet! She is an absolute darling. Very tame and very trusting. She enjoys climbing up Rob when he is sat on the sofa and then coming back down again...and then going back up again...and then coming back down again!”-Kathryn and Rob

“Tallulah is doing very well. She contiunes to love her treats, especially apples and is so much bigger than the photo on your website. She delights all our visitors running at 100mph in her exercise ball, crawling up our arms or exploring a large box full of sand & cardboard.”-Helen & Lisa

“Basil the hamster is doing fine; we celebrated his birthday last month. My daughter, Bella, loves him. He's very sweet and likes to poke his nose out and see what's going on, and he lives in the kitchen so there's usually plenty to see. He never complains even when he gets hauled out of bed to be shown off to Bella's friends! He also gets to try all sorts of things to nibble; he's very partial to a slice of apple and sometimes a left-over cooked bean, and his new favourite treat is a fresh pea-pod, he eats all the fleshy part off the outside and just leaves the sort of membrane that lines it!”-Rachel

“Thought  I’d send this picture of Mabel. She's doing fine, funny little character!”-Sarah

 “Peanut is so cute and we love to watch him, he is taking food from our fingers and his confidence is growing by the day, it does help that he’s extremely nosey and can’t help having a look.Yogi is a gorgeous boy who is giving us loads of cuddles but also has so much energy and loves to zoom around in his ball and run on his wheel.”-Kat

 “Snowy seems to be happy and settling in quite well. We are very surprised at how strong and lively she is for her age, and I am sure we will have loads of fun together.”-Phil & Astrid

“Cleo is settling in very well. She's so confident now - wants to come out to play all the time and LOVES her food! Ivy is a little shy and nervous when handled. She takes treats from our hands and sometimes she will climb onto us for a quick stroke. And she does enjoy having a run around in her ball every so often.”-Natalie & Pete

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