Hamsters for rehoming

 If you wish to adopt a hamster from HSHHR here are a few guidelines we would like you to follow.

1,You must provide the hamster/s with a good caring home with lots of attention, stimulation and activity.

2, You will home the hamster/s in a suitable cage(s) . The bigger the better but realistically the biggest you can provide. The RSPCA guidelines state that a cage size should be 75x40x40 cm. However if you have a smaller cage make sure your hamster gets lots of ‘out the cage’ exercise and activities.

3,Never breed from the hamster/s you adopt from us. All our female hamsters stay with us for a minimum of 20 days (Roborovoskis 25 days) to unsure nobody gets an unexpected litter. Breeding should be left to responsible breeders.

4,If you can no longer look after the hamster it must be returned to us at HSHHR. If you have a new responsible owner in mind they must come through the rescue before taking the hamster.

5,If you have never owned a hamster before we can give you the information and guidance to help you look after your hamster. However most importantly commonsense and a caring nature is needed.

Would you be interested in offering one of these rescue hamster a home?

We often have hamster come in which do not make it on to these pages so it is always worth contacting us if you are interested in re-homing a hamster.

 We have lots of Robovoski hamsters looking for new homes. They are tiny and not easily handled but are wonderful to watch and extremely cute. 

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