It’s been a month since I last posted a blog on our website. Sorry for taking so long.

We have been very busy re-homing our baby hamsters and are pleased to tell you we have re-homed all the ‘P’s and all the ‘F’s. They have all gone to nice new families where I’m sure they are going to be spoilt. All 11 of these hamsters have wonderful temperaments and will make wonderful pets I’m sure. Thank you to all the people and families who have given these hamsters new homes and for the kind donations.

I recently received some updates on Bluebell, Pongo, Paolo, Pedreo, Felix and Feirouz. I’m thrilled to see them doing so well. Hearing about our re-homed hamsters really makes my day.

Rosie a beautiful banded Syrian came to us last month. She’s a lovely lady and will be going up on our re-homing page. She was a little grumpy when she first came to us but is friendly now and LOVES her food and treats.

We welcome Wellington and Winston who we picked up today from the same place as Alberto. They are two males that have been kept together even though they must be at least four months old. They have a few cuts and ear nibbles but do not look in too bad condition.  They have obviously been hardly handled and are quite timid. We will give them lots of attention and hopefully they will gain in confidence and trust and be able to go up for re-homing.

I’d like to say a BIG THANK YOU to Pauline, Trisha and Leah who donated cages.

We managed a week away thanks to M and D who looked after the hamsters. We stayed in a cottage in Norfolk and ironically spent the first night setting up a bucket trap to catch an escaped hamster from the cottage next door. Thankfully we caught it within 2 hours of putting the bucket down so looked very professional!!