Hello everyone.

What a busy couple of months we’ve had.

Re-homing has gone very well lately. We have had lots of hamsters re homed with lovely new families.

Thora the Syrian was re homed with Pippa, Albie the Syrian with Abigail and Gabrielle, Toodle Pip the Syrian with Georgie, Charlie the Chinese dwarf with Priya, Matilda Patch the Syrian with Joanne, Valentine the Syrian with Rebecca, Custard the Syrian with Lucy and Catrin re-homed Limerick the Syrian and Dotty the Russian dwarf. Thank you all so much for adopting these hamsters.

 We would like to say a special thank you to Priya for her kind donation. On top of donating when adopting her hamsters Priya sent us a £50 Pets at Home Gift card. How wonderfully generous. I was truly touched. Thank you again.  

On a sad note. If you have read the previous post you will know we sadly lost Gravy one of our guinea pigs back in January. Well totally out of the blue Spud too past away four weeks later. It was a shock as she seemed to be coping well on her own. Our house feels really empty without the guinea pigs. We miss the squeaks and those cute faces wanting attention when we walk in the room. We also sadly lost Agnes, Mimi and Odo the hamsters.  

I think we may have to turn into Home Sweet Home Hamster and Gerbil Rescue. We have lots of gerbils. Some absolutely gorgeous ones too! I write this with a heavy heart tonight as I took in 2 baby gerbils yesterday but one didn’t make it. He was very weak and I tried my best to feed him. The sweet little thing was licking baby food from my finger so I was hoping he would gain strength. Sadly he did not pull through. I get upset when we loose any animal here but it really pulls on my heart strings when they are so young. I so desperately wanted him to pull through. On a positive note his brother seems healthy so I’m keeping my fingers crossed for him.

I would love to see some of these gerbils find new homes. Apart from one pair and a female that lives alone all the gerbils can be handled. The Olympians are 3 males happily living together. They love attention and would make great pets. So would Arthur, Pherb and Clarence. Three males living alone. It would be so satisfying to see these gerbils find new homes.

Well I had better go and make my nightly checks on all our glorious animals.

Thanks for reading