I've been in Somerset for a week having a fantastic time while my wonderful neighbours looked after the hamsters. I came home, went to check my emails....no internet. After further investigation Neal finds the internet cable chewed up and in two pieces. When I see my neighbours they tell me Purdy escaped. Thank goodness the door to the hamster room was closed as she was found at the bottom of a bookcase after scracthing and making a little squeek. Why does it always happen when your away!?
Well a huge thank you my neighbours M and D. I've come back and all the hammies look fit , happy and plump!

Amber went to her new home today. She's going to live with Emma and Rob and their house rabbit in Bedfordshire. I'm sure she's going to make a great pet as she's so sweet and social. Thank you Emma and Rob for your kind donation for Amber. It will buy a big wheel for Lottie and two large balls for Lottie and Fabio.

We have two new additions. Lottie came from a breeder who rescued her from the live food bins in Holland. The breeder had her for a year but passed her on to me when she ran out of space. She's a beautiful lady and very gentle. She will be staying with us. I also got a pup from the same breeder. We named him Takoda and he's a black long haired syrian. He's a cutie...just a big ball of fluff with a face!