I was contacted by a lady last week after 9 baby syrians had been dumped on her doorstep. She kept one and found a home for another and the rest came to us. The poor little things had been kept all together. We estimated their ages at 8wks but they were very thin. All the boys had some scabs from fighting but the girls seem healthy apart from being underweight. We have to keep an eye on the girls incase any are pregnant.  After saying all this I must tell you how wonderful they are. They are so friendly. They come to you when you call them and love being handled. We have named them 'the Fs' as all their names begin with 'F' and mean lucky. the girls are Fayola, Felka, Fukuko and the boys are Felix, Faustino, Fella (Fela is a girls name which means lucky so we made it more manly!) and Feirouz.
These gorgeous pups will be ready for rehoming very soon.

Also I'd like to thank Sam for donating 6 cages and driving all the way from Essex to drop them off. They may be needed if any of the 'F's are pregnant!