As always its been very busy here at Home Sweet Home Hamster Rescue. We got to a point where we were full to bursting!
We firstly welcomed three 10 week old Russian Dwarf hamsters, we named the siblings Delilah, Des and Wibble Wobble. The good news is Des has already found a new home. The not so good news was Wibble soon as she came to us we noticed she wobbled her head and showed obvious neurological problems. Our initial thought was to have her put to sleep. I wanted to give her a chance first so we observed her and found out she displayed normal hamster behaviour too. She could dig a den in the sawdust, she was able to keep still to drink from her bottle and she could eat. She was able to move around better when in tubes so I lined the floor of her cage with cardboard tubes and she gets around fine. Obviously our initial idea for her was abandoned and she now lives with us and is one cheeky hamster!
Along with Umayma and her babies we took in three other Russian Dwarf Hamsters now named Bunka, Ruff and Chip. All three lived together but on closer inspection Bunka turned out to be male and Chip and Ruff female! 'oh dear' I tell myself as i'm separating them expecting 2 new litters but amazingly no babies! Bunker and Ruff have been re-homed and Chip is reserved so that's great news. The girls coats have changed for the winter and they looked so adorable.
We took in Herby and his four sons, Basil, Dill, Sage and Parsley, they were living happily together but it didn't last for long. Firstly Parsley had to be seperated as he had been fighting and had wounds on his back and tummy then Herby also had  be seperated as he was badly attacked on his face. Finally Basil was removed as he was badly wounded on his tummy. All 3 boys have recovered fine and looking for new homes and Dill and sage seem happy living together...lets hope it lasts. 
Next came a little Russian Dwarf and her seven pups (only 15 days old). We named the mum Umayma (meaning little mother). She has proven to be a great mum even with all the up heavel. The pups were a little under weight but soon filled out with the help of some extra meals from us. The babies were easily rehomed through word of mouth but we left one of her daughters with Umayma. We named her Anuli ( daughter of happiness) and mum and daughter seem very happy living together.
Even though we were full I squeezed in three tiny Robos that looked like they had been dipped in oil. We put them in a new cage with lots of sand to bath in and they are now doing great. We named them 'The T Birds'.
We managed our first two week holiday in years thanks to Yvette for hamster minding the first week and to Sue for kindly looking after Umayma and her babies at her house as well as popping in and feeding the rest the second week (Yvette joined us for the second week).
Sadly while we were away Sirocca had a huge stroke and passed away. Thank you again to Sue for having to deal with such a sad situation. Sirocca had started to show her age. She had slowed down a lot and slept most of the time. We will miss her. She was the only syrian I knew that loved to eat dried meal worms!
On another sad note Rosie passed away on the 4th of november. Again, old age had crept in and she went down hill quite fast. I had a soft spot for her. She was very cute and had a good character. I will miss her little squeaks to get my attention.
We have two new additions to HSHHR. Toffee and Chocolate the guinea pigs came to stay over night while in-between old home and guinea pig rescue and somehow are still here.
Neal fell in love with them so now our hamster room is back to having its resident guinea pigs again. They have been renamed Spud and Gravy and seem to be happy in their new home.

We also now have 5 young female syrians looking for new homes. The 'N's are gorgeous girls and very friendly, we have named them Neve, Nigella, Nancy, Nyla and Nightingale.
Phew..that was a big blog. Thanks for reading it!