This post will be me flying through the past months seeing as I’ve neglected it for so long. I’ll start with March.

Maple found a new home with Sarah and Peanut the Robo found a home with Kat. Chronus a lovely white Syrian came to us after his owner was too scared to handle him. Sadly, Lou, one of our Russian dwarfs passed away.

Moving on to April. Making use of the bank holidays we were able to re-decorate our hamster room. Conker a lovely Syrian and Holly a very sweet Chinese Dwarf came to us. The T-birds found a new home with Adam but sadly Tilney and Neals favourite dear Purdy passed away. My ever growing collection of black hamsters grew bigger with the addition of Warrick a sweet black Syrian who came to live here from another rescue.

On to May. We took in 3 lovely young Russian dwarfs called April, May and June. Conker found a new home with Jon, Sycamore with Emma, Umayma and Anuli with Heather and June with Rob and Kathryn. Sadly Lottie, Grace, Mick and Felicity passed away. Although we miss all our hamsters that pass on I must say the hamster room is so quiet without Felicity squeaking at us for treats. I'm sure Wickawoka misses her too as they always ‘talked’ to each other. We bought a gorgeous white long haired Syrian for Neal to fill the gap of Purdy who he names Odo. He is a lovely friendly boy.

Belladonna had a big lump on her head and we made the decision to have it surgically removed. She was the perfect patient and wooed the vets and nurses. Apart from having a wonky ear she is perfectly healed and back to her normal cheeky self.