I can’t believe it has been 18 months since I last posted on our blog. Where has the time gone? This shows when your busy time flies and boy have we been busy here.

The main change to HSHHR since my last blog is the increase in gerbils. We now have 9 gerbils all needing wonderful homes. Six of which are friendly and can be handled. We also have 3 Jirds. A mother and daughter who are both going blind. They came to us very nervous but have gained trust in me. Even though they do not like being handled they run to the cage for treats when I come in the room. Merlin is a sweet male jird with a great character.

We also have Merry and Pippin the degus. Wonderful little fellas we great personalities.

We have had numerous hamsters come in and find new homes over the past 18 months and sadly lost a fair few of the oldies.

We have a few very shy Robos (living alone) needing that special owner/s. Most of our dwarf hamsters are old and ‘grumpy’ so again needing a special owner.  Someone who gets pleasure and self-satisfaction knowing they have adopted one of the animals that gets looked over  time and time again due to being too old or nippy. They can still have the most fantastic personalities, in fact most do.

We have quite a few slightly skittish Syrians also needing homes and most likely all of them will settle down with extra attention.

Jeeves the harlequin lop eared rabbit joined our menagerie. Jeeves is a house rabbit who thinks he is a cat. He loves to share his cage with Fitz and they can often be found cuddled up together. Chester is not as fond of Jeeves but he tolerates him.

We sadly lost Gravy our guinea pig just a couple of weeks ago which was such a shame. Spud is doing ok without her but often cuddles up to her soft toy for company.

We also rescued 3 more African Clawed Toads who have now bred. We have little tiny tadpoles at the moment who will soon be looking for new owners once they are froglets. Great aquatic pets! I find them fascinating.

As you may have seen I have added a donation page to the website. We often have people wanting to donate or give something to the animals so when the wish list idea was suggested it thought ‘Great idea!’

We are extremely grateful for any donations however big or small.

I will leave it there for now and plan to update the blog more regularly again!

Thank you to everyone who has adopted an animal from us over the past 18 months.