June was a fairly quiet month. Charlotte the Syrian came to live with us. We decided not to put her up for re-homing as she was an old lady. Humphrey and flower were adopted by Victoria which was great news and Catherine re-homed Chronus.

Now we are in July and it’s been a busy month. Orinocco the male Syrian joined Takoda, Valentino and Warrick as my forth male black hamster. He was up for adoption in our local pet store with the info about him saying he was very unpredictable. After reading that we couldn’t leave him there. He is lovely, a little shy but is doing really well. We had a Mummy, Daddy Robo and their 4 babies come in. Dad Trevor and his only son Kevin have been housed together and put up for re-homing but mum Babs and her 3 daughters will stay with us for little longer just in case of any pregnancies.

We went to a local pet shop and ended up coming home with a beautiful Syrian which Yvette fell in love with and a sweet little Russian dwarf who couldn’t be sold due to an eye problem.

We have also got our first ever gerbil. Arthur had been attacked by his cage mates and had a seriously damaged tail. He is great fun to watch and makes us laugh. His tail has healed brilliantly.

Wibble Wobble and Maude sadly passed away. Regretfully Takoda passed away too. He developed an infection which despite all our efforts to cure beat him and he passed away curled up in my hands. He was my darling hamster. I trusted him with all the children who came through our doors, he had a wonderful temperament. We all miss him lots and his absence is very obvious.