I posted this on a hamster forum I use and thought I'd use it in my blog to save the heartache of re-typing it...
Aubrey was handed into a friends pet shop with a litter of 20 pups 3 years ago. She was such a lovely, sweet natured girl. My friend asked me to have her as she wanted her to live with someone she knew would take good care of her. Well, I did and Aubrey was a joy to have. So sweet natured and friendly. She was the first hamster I'd had in years. It was Aubrey who made me fall in love with hamsters and decide to rescue them. As time went on I could see her aging. Her hair thinned, she ate less, exercised less but would still come to greet me and would love a snuggle. Sadly though, over the past month she had deteriorated and today (15th May'10) I knew I had to make the unbearable decision to help her to the bridge as I couldn’t see her suffer any longer.
Aubrey you were a darling. You made me laugh so much and today you made me cry but I’m so glad I was chosen to be your owner.
If it wasn't for Aubery I'd have never set up Home sweet Home Hamster Rescue