January was a month for donations. Nyla and sage and Dill all found new homes which is great news. I have to say a HUGE thank you to Sasha who kindly donated at least £200 worth of hamster goodies. Alison also donated 6 glass tanks. We have kept a couple and have passed on the rest to another rescue which takes in mice. As I write this we are due a gerbilairium, guinea pig hutch and run from Suzanne. Many thanks to all of you

I’m always harping on about ‘the more attention you give your hamster the more responsive they’ll become’ (obviously there are exceptions). Takoda is one of my favourite hamsters. I know I shouldn’t have favourites and there is no doubt I love all our hamsters, even the grumpy ones that enjoy biting my fingers. Sometimes however a special one comes along and for me it’s Takoda. He is such a lovely, friendly boy. I real sweetie and gets lots of attention. The other day Neal cleaned out his cage and accidentally left the door of his cage open. We were totally unaware of this until Neal walked into the hamster room and bent down to get something. Across the floor walks this ball of fluff straight to Neals feet, looks up as if to say ‘Can I please go home now, I’ve had enough’ We have only had four hamsters escape and all came back to us when we called them. Surely this demonstrates my theory? However , I do not think it would work so well for our super fast, impossible to catch Robos!

As you may have read in the re-homing section, we have received a few new hamsters. Wilma and Winne came from the awful pet shop which Wellington, Winston and Alberto came from. We made the decision to buy them to get the out of the awful conditions they were being kept in. It infuriates me that some pet shops are able to keep animals in such conditions. Winne is surprisingly tame but Wilma needs some work. They both love treats and come to the cage when spoken to but Wilma do not like to be handled and can be jumpy out of her cage. They will both go up for re-homing soon but Wilma will need to be re-homed with someone who has experience in taming hamsters. We also took in four lovely 8wk old Syrians now named Penfold, Scooby, Yogi and Dora. They are lovely and friendly and I’m sure they will make great pets. Neal has fallen in love with Penfold so we have a feeling he will be staying with us.

Humphrey has come to us as the dog that he shared the house with could not settle with the hamster being in the house. This was no good for the dog or the hamster so Humphrey came to us. He is quite nervous so we will be working with him and hopefully he will be able to go up for re-homing. In the mean time as with Wilma I will consider re-homing him with someone who has experience in taming hamsters.

Lottie has been to the vets a few times as she has a uterus infection. This is common in older females and Lottie is 2 years old now. She is on her second course of antibiotics so we are hoping they are going to work and keep the infection at bay.

Once again thank you to everyone who gave us donations. It is greatly appreciated.