It's been a while since I last posted a blog. Things here at HSHHR have been very busy. We took in a mum and 5 pups which we named Tallulah, Mac, Flack, Grissom, Bluebell and Meadow. Flack found a new home where I'm sure he's going to be well looked after. The others are all ready for re-homing with the exception of Grissom who will stay with us for a while.
We also took in another 4 pups from another rescue who had a female which gave birth to 15 pups. As they are syrians and need to live alone from about 6 weeks that's alot of additional cages to find! So we took on 4 to lighten the load for the other rescue.
All these pups are adorable and although we make all the effort to give the hamsters in our care an excellent quality of life I'm sure they would benefit from being homed with people that can give them a little more time than we can as at present we are fit to bursting! If you know of anyone who wants a hamster....pass on our information.
Toffee, a very sweet syrian male came to us and found a new home within 3 days! He is a lovely boy over a year old.
We also took on Alberto. Alberto was in a real sorry state (I cannot go into much more detail) but I'm so pleased to say he's doing great. He has a deformed back leg which seems to cause him no pain and some scars and cuts which are healing nicely. We put him in the sand play box for the first time yesterday and I was abit apprehensive as to how he'd react. I'm sure it was the first time he'd been out of his cage in his life but he had a great time digging and running around in the sand. I'm so pleased we rescued him. It makes all we do worth while.
To end on a sad note..we lost dear Serendipity at the end of June. She died of old age and we will miss her as she, along with Aubrey was one of our original rescues.