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Six new furries

Posted by Michelle Brown on Sunday, June 27, 2010,

Over the past few weeks we have recieved 6 Russain Dwarves and 1 Robo hamster.
Mick and Baz came together but we had to seperate them as Mick was bullying poor old Baz. Mick weighed 68g while Baz a tiny 32g. Both boys seem happy and Baz is enjoying being fed extra.
Betty, Maude and Ethel, three pure bred winter whites have also come to live with us.We will be keeping them and not putting them up for adoption.
Pixie the Russian Dwarf and Peanut the Roborovski also found their way to us. Pixie is...

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Welcome Tilney and Denbury

Posted by Michelle Brown on Tuesday, June 15, 2010,
Whilst Yvette was looking round a well known pet store she came across the hamsters up for adoption. After finding out two Dwarf hamsters had been there for over a month she decided to bring them home. Tilney is a lovely female winter white and Denbury is a typical russian. Denbury is a very sweet and friendly girl whilst Tilney just needs to learn to trust us. Photos to follow
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Purdy's up to mischief and Amber goes to her new home

Posted by Michelle Brown on Sunday, June 6, 2010,
I've been in Somerset for a week having a fantastic time while my wonderful neighbours looked after the hamsters. I came home, went to check my internet. After further investigation Neal finds the internet cable chewed up and in two pieces. When I see my neighbours they tell me Purdy escaped. Thank goodness the door to the hamster room was closed as she was found at the bottom of a bookcase after scracthing and making a little squeek. Why does it always happen when your away!?
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