Re-homing crazy

March 17, 2013

Hello everyone.

What a busy couple of months we’ve had.

Re-homing has gone very well lately. We have had lots of hamsters re homed with lovely new families.

Thora the Syrian was re homed with Pippa, Albie the Syrian with Abigail and Gabrielle, Toodle Pip the Syrian with Georgie, Charlie the Chinese dwarf with Priya, Matilda Patch the Syrian with Joanne, Valentine the Syrian with Rebecca, Custard the Syrian with Lucy and Catrin re-homed Limerick the Syrian and Dotty the Russian dwarf. Thank you all so much for adopting these hamsters.

 We would like to say a special thank you to Priya for her kind donation. On top of donating when adopting her hamsters Priya sent us a £50 Pets at Home Gift card. How wonderfully generous. I was truly touched. Thank you again.  

On a sad note. If you have read the previous post you will know we sadly lost Gravy one of our guinea pigs back in January. Well totally out of the blue Spud too past away four weeks later. It was a shock as she seemed to be coping well on her own. Our house feels really empty without the guinea pigs. We miss the squeaks and those cute faces wanting attention when we walk in the room. We also sadly lost Agnes, Mimi and Odo the hamsters.  

I think we may have to turn into Home Sweet Home Hamster and Gerbil Rescue. We have lots of gerbils. Some absolutely gorgeous ones too! I write this with a heavy heart tonight as I took in 2 baby gerbils yesterday but one didn’t make it. He was very weak and I tried my best to feed him. The sweet little thing was licking baby food from my finger so I was hoping he would gain strength. Sadly he did not pull through. I get upset when we loose any animal here but it really pulls on my heart strings when they are so young. I so desperately wanted him to pull through. On a positive note his brother seems healthy so I’m keeping my fingers crossed for him.

I would love to see some of these gerbils find new homes. Apart from one pair and a female that lives alone all the gerbils can be handled. The Olympians are 3 males happily living together. They love attention and would make great pets. So would Arthur, Pherb and Clarence. Three males living alone. It would be so satisfying to see these gerbils find new homes.

Well I had better go and make my nightly checks on all our glorious animals.

Thanks for reading



Finally a new has been too long!

February 3, 2013

I can’t believe it has been 18 months since I last posted on our blog. Where has the time gone? This shows when your busy time flies and boy have we been busy here.

The main change to HSHHR since my last blog is the increase in gerbils. We now have 9 gerbils all needing wonderful homes. Six of which are friendly and can be handled. We also have 3 Jirds. A mother and daughter who are both going blind. They came to us very nervous but have gained trust in me. Even though they do not like be...

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Farewell Takoda (June and July)

July 31, 2011

June was a fairly quiet month. Charlotte the Syrian came to live with us. We decided not to put her up for re-homing as she was an old lady. Humphrey and flower were adopted by Victoria which was great news and Catherine re-homed Chronus.

Now we are in July and it’s been a busy month. Orinocco the male Syrian joined Takoda, Valentino and Warrick as my forth male black hamster. He was up for adoption in our local pet store with the info about him saying he was very unpredictable. After re...

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From March to May

July 31, 2011

This post will be me flying through the past months seeing as I’ve neglected it for so long. I’ll start with March.

Maple found a new home with Sarah and Peanut the Robo found a home with Kat. Chronus a lovely white Syrian came to us after his owner was too scared to handle him. Sadly, Lou, one of our Russian dwarfs passed away.

Moving on to April. Making use of the bank holidays we were able to re-decorate our hamster room. Conker a lovely Syrian and Holly a very sweet Chinese Dwar...

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February 2011

July 31, 2011

The month of love…….Well we did end up with a lovely Valentino. I have always loved black hamsters and one has never come through the rescue doors. Whilst in a pet shop I spotted this lovely black baby hamster fast asleep. with a tiny pink twitching nose. The spoilt partner inside me came out ‘Neal please, he’s gorgeous, and it is valentines day tomorrow, and you do love me lots and lots, please…….’ Well it worked. Neal bought me Valentino for Valentines day. He is lovely. He ...

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Donations and Takoda goes for a stroll

February 13, 2011

January was a month for donations. Nyla and sage and Dill all found new homes which is great news. I have to say a HUGE thank you to Sasha who kindly donated at least £200 worth of hamster goodies. Alison also donated 6 glass tanks. We have kept a couple and have passed on the rest to another rescue which takes in mice. As I write this we are due a gerbilairium, guinea pig hutch and run from Suzanne. Many thanks to all of you

I’m always harping on about ‘the more attention you give y...

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Merry Christmas!

December 18, 2010


Seeing as there is 5 inches of snow on the ground outside and as I intend to stay in the warm I thought it was a good time to catch up on the HSHHR blog.

Well as you may have already read on our ‘happy endings’ page Neve and Nigella found new homes. So 3 gorgeous girls from the ‘N’ litter are left for re-homing. We have a few new additions. Toffee is back with us as he was re-homed with a couple on the understanding he would come back to us once it was time for them to mov...

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How many more Dwarf hamsters can we fit in???

November 21, 2010
As always its been very busy here at Home Sweet Home Hamster Rescue. We got to a point where we were full to bursting!
We firstly welcomed three 10 week old Russian Dwarf hamsters, we named the siblings Delilah, Des and Wibble Wobble. The good news is Des has already found a new home. The not so good news was Wibble soon as she came to us we noticed she wobbled her head and showed obvious neurological problems. Our initial thought was to have her put to sleep. I wanted to give her...
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Re-homing success

September 5, 2010

It’s been a month since I last posted a blog on our website. Sorry for taking so long.

We have been very busy re-homing our baby hamsters and are pleased to tell you we have re-homed all the ‘P’s and all the ‘F’s. They have all gone to nice new families where I’m sure they are going to be spoilt. All 11 of these hamsters have wonderful temperaments and will make wonderful pets I’m sure. Thank you to all the people and families who have given these hamsters new homes and for the...

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3 babies find new home

August 9, 2010
I'm so pleased to tell you that Pongo, Paolo and Felix have all be re-homed with Kirstie. She came on Saturday planning on taking one hammie home but ended up taking three as she had 3 spare cages and was bowled over by their sweet, friendly nature. They will join Kirsties other two hamsters. Thank you Kirstie
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