About Us

Home Sweet Home Hamster Rescue is a home based, privately run , non-profitable rescue for hamsters needing homes. We home any type of hamster ensuring a loving, caring home with us or with a new adopted home. Our aim is to give our hamsters an exceptional quality of life, feeding them on a nutritious and varied diet whilst giving them daily exercise out of their cages, as well as lots of human attention.

Our Team

Michelle, the founder of HSHHR has worked and looked after a wide variety of pets ranging from small rodents to Xenopus Toads. She works as a professional Nanny when not caring for the animals. Michelle’s love of hamsters started after she rescued Aubrey and fell in love with the hamster’s sweet nature and character. All through her life Michelle has been fascinated with animals. Over time the rescue has grown with the introduction of gerbils, jirds, degus, guinea pigs and a rabbit. Michelle’s dream is to one day to own a small holding and run a larger rescue full time.

Neal (Michelle’s partner) now co-runs the rescue. He works as a nursery assistant when not caring for the animals. He has a great way with the Syrians and is earning the name ‘The hamster Whisperer!’ He too has always had a love for all animals. His dream has always been to be a farmer.


 Yvette has had experience with many animals ranging from horses to Xenopus Toads. She has a fear of rodents with tails but fortunately loves hamsters, guinea pigs and with time has learnt to love the gerbils too!


Aubrey (above) our first rescue and the most delightful girl  

Belladonna (above) posing for the camera 

 Serendipity (below) was one of our first ever rescues and a truly lovely hamster

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